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RAPIDHAMMER: Wie Barcelona und Madrid

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Wie Barcelona und Madrid

In einem ausführlichen Artikel im Guardian spricht West Ham-Chairman Eggert Magnússon über seine Vision für West Ham United:

"It takes time but in two years I think we will be fighting for Uefa and even Champions League positions. The fantasy is that in 10 years we will see the team playing Champions League football regularly in our new stadium. We want to model ourselves on clubs like Barça and Madrid who have great marketing aspects. I think it is possible to compete with this kind of club."

In dem interessanten Interview gibt Magnússon auch zu, dass er im Internet in West Ham Foren surfe, um die Stimmung unter den Fans einschätzen zu können:
"It is very important to know what people are thinking. In football you deal with people and emotions. It's a much more sentimental business than biscuits or money-market shares."

Passt also auf, Freunde, was ihr schreibt: Eggert is watching! ... und guten Vorschlägen gegenüber hoffentlich nicht abgeneigt...

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