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RAPIDHAMMER: Transfer Deadline Madness

Monday, 1 September 2008

Transfer Deadline Madness

BBC Transfer Deadline Day - Live Text:

West Ham and Sunderland are set to announce that left-back George McCartney has left Upton Park to rejoin his former club. The fee, I'm being told, is about £6m, which frankly sounds utterly ridiculous.

1913: Lots of rumours linking West Ham striker Dean Ashton with a move to Aston Villa, with fees from £10m-15m touted. Can't see it myself, but keep 'em coming.

1725: Massive news. Apparently Nottingham Forest are being linked with Jonathan Spector from West Ham. My kingdom for a right-back...

Henrik Larsson has been linked with numerous clubs today - including Everton and West Ham. But the former Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester United striker has said he has no intention of leaving Helsingborg.

1423: Rumours abound that West Ham defender George McCartney is having a medical at Sunderland.

Hammered Blog: "The board must have some outstanding players on the verge of signing. Why else would they sell the Hammer of the Year when we have no other left back at the club?"

1341: "Transfer windows are fantastic. Best day of the season. Long live the window." Chris, Leeds, via text on 81111
Long live the window? Not so sure about that. And it is surely only through the process of closing that the excitement is generated.

1219: "Paulo Ferreira is in talks with West Ham over a proposed move, so I understand."
Fleece via text on 81111

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