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RAPIDHAMMER: West Ham-Muttergesellschaft ersucht um Zahlungsaufschub

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

West Ham-Muttergesellschaft ersucht um Zahlungsaufschub

West Ham Holding Company Request Moratorium

Hansa, the holding company of English football club West Ham, requested a moratorium its payments yesterday. Björgólfur Gudmundsson, former majority owner and chairman of Iceland’s Landsbanki bank, is the majority owner of Hansa. 

According to Ásgeir Fridgeirsson, vice-chairman of the board of West Ham and spokesperson for Gudmundsson, the moratorium was requested to secure the interest of the football club’s owners and of their loan granters, Fréttabladid reports. 

Fridgeirsson said it is highly likely that Hansa’s assets will cover all debts and that the moratorium will be extended. He did not want to reveal any specific amounts. The moratorium is expected to speed up the sale of West Ham. 

“West Ham is one of the company’s [Hansa’s] assets and the owner is looking at all possibilities in regards to sale,” Fridgeirsson said.

Quelle: Iceland Review

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