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RAPIDHAMMER: Who Needs Bellamy?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Who Needs Bellamy?

Immer wenn der umstrittene Waliser in den letzten Wochen für Manchester City ins Tor getroffen hat, habe ich bedauert, dass Bellamy seine gute Form nicht mehr bei den Hammers ausspielt.
Nun ist dem Forward aber auch im neuen hellblauen Trikot dasselbe passiert, was wir von ihm während des Großteils seiner Zeit bei West Ham gewöhnt waren: Bellamy ist verletzt.

Treffend beschreibt Bellamys gar nicht erfolgreiche Rückkehr zum Upton Park am Sonntag Dan Silver in seiner heutigen Kolumne im Daily Mirror, 3/03/2009:

Why Craig Bellamy’s return to Upton Park was like stepping back in time for West Ham fans

There was something deeply serendipitous about Craig Bellamy’s return to Upton Park on Sunday.
Prior to the game he’d given it the big’un in the press previously about the relative ambitions of his current and previous employers - Not to mention how he would fire Manchester City into Europe and beyond.
On the pitch, however, the loveable Welshman struggled to make an impression for 70 minutes before eventually limping off with an injury.
Mark Hughes shouldn’t have been unduly surprised by this turn of events.
As any of the 30 000-odd cockneys in the crowd could have told him (and likely did ), it was the kind of thing that used to happen to Craig all the time at Upton Park while he was wearing a West Ham shirt.

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