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Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Kit In Town

Im KUMB-Forum hat User Wrightster interessante Details über die Auswahl der neuen West Ham-Heimdress, die ab Ende Juli erhältlich sein wird, berichtet. Tatsächlich wurde die neue Spielkleidung von UMBRO schon im letzten Herbst dem Klub vorgeschlagen, und man wollte einfach mal was ganz Anderes machen. Deshalb der Verzicht auf die hellblauen Ärmel, der zwar ungewöhnlich, aber historisch keinesfalls einzigartig ist (wie ich schon in diesem Post berichtet habe).
Für die nächste Saison überlegt man beim Klub, die Fans in die Entscheidung über die dann sicher schon wieder neuen Leiberln einzubeziehen, heißt es bei West Ham.

Hier das Posting aus dem KUMB-Forum:

"So, I wanted to get to the bottom of this crap kit choice. So I ring the club and asked to speak to the "buyer" (yes it really is that easy). I get put through to some guy called Eamonn who was really helpful and willing to give up a good 15 minutes of his time to discuss the new kit.

So I ask a few obvious questions like, why do we have the kit we do for this season? Was there a fans consultation? How much input did WHUFC execs have in the choice?

Firstly, the kit choice was decided last October! Umbro recommended a couple of designs rather than WHUFC saying what they wanted. Umbro felt that fans would get bored with a traditional type kit and felt it is good to have something a bit radical every few years!! i.e., no blue sleeves. The England/MCFC based kit was never offered as an option. Eamonn did recognise that the fans overall option of the new kit wasn't great but did say it looks so much better in the flesh than the photos! He also recognised that a fans consultation is important and said that they would be consulting the fans (via web forum and supporters club) for their opinion for next seasons kit (something which is long overdue).

He also said that it is very difficult to second guess football fashion trends 9/10 months in advance, given that they decide on new kits a round October/November.

I did ask whether a one of the deciding factors is cost based? Of which Eamonn said absolutely not! They honestly thought it was a good time the shake things up a bit with something different. Not sure I totally agree. I would have loved to see an England based type shirt, which would appeal to the masses young and old.

The problem with football shirts is that generally they are bought by the 5-25 years age range, the next age range will buy a retro type shirt. They had the perfect opportunity to cover all age ranges with one retrotype shirt. Just as the current England shirt is doing right now. It's a leisure shirt. Kids are wearing kicking a ball round the park, lads are wearing it down the pub and not looking out of place, it covers all boundaries.

Let's hope they do consult the fans, for next seasons strip, because we are the one's which will be putting our hand in our pockets to fork out for our teams colours."

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