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RAPIDHAMMER: West Ham will Top Six-Finish

Saturday, 19 January 2008

West Ham will Top Six-Finish

Wie einem Interview mit West Ham Manager Alan Curbishley auf der offiziellen Website zu entnehmen ist, ist West Hams Saisonziel nach dem Ausscheiden aus dem FA Cup ein Platz unter den ersten Sechs der Premier League:
"We can all see where we can get to," sagte Curbishley. "It was a big disappointment on Wednesday because before the game we were really up for the Cup and we wanted to do well.
"But the talk afterwards was that if we can get a result on Sunday, we may catch one of the teams above us. We feel we have given ourselves a base, a bit of a chance to push on. We are looking to get into that top six or seven.
"We can see a couple of the teams above us. I looked at Portsmouth and Blackburn. Portsmouth are catchable. If we can get a result at Manchester City we can see them as well. I am looking at the fixtures thinking 'let's attack the run-in'.
"We have to be looking upwards not downwards."

Alan Curbishley sprach kürzlich auch über ein Treffen mit Klub-Eigentümer Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson:
"I have spoken to BG - I went out with him on Monday," sagte Curbishley.
"It was the first time I have had a chance to sit down and have a chat. I think he understands we have brought a lot of players in, who are still settling. He is happy with us at the moment. He hasn't set any targets for us. He is pleased we are going along OK and like everybody, he is waiting for the other players to come back to see what we have got."

Zu seinen Offensivspielern werde er vor dem Sonntag-Spiel gegen Manchester City (17:00 MEZ) Folgendes sagen, meinte Curbishley:
"Give us something a bit more, let's take our chances and be more clinical."
Bellamy und Zamora - die bald wieder komplett fit sein sollten - werden gegen Manchester City sicher noch nicht dabei sein, wohl aber wird der Franzose Julien Faubert seine Match-Fitness unter Beweis stellen können.

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