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RAPIDHAMMER: Is the Return of Tevez Unthinkable?

Monday, 22 June 2009

Is the Return of Tevez Unthinkable?

Iain Dale: "Is the Return of Tevez Unthinkable?"
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Well, in my opinion I don't see Tévez go to Manchester City or Chelsea. He wants to be guaranteed first team football. He isn't in it only for the money, he has a real passion for the game.
He was a hero at Upton Park, and he could be that again. But he's rated £25+, how could West Ham afford him - especially his wages?
I fear it will be Chelsea and Man City to battle it out: -> Telegraph.
I fear this bubble's going to fade and die...

And on the picture you can't see the new home shirt! (Just a fake by somebody who's good in Photoshop... - Because a home shirt without blue sleeves is UNTHINKABLE, isn't it!?)

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well, it is :-) and the return of the tevez knight is unthinkable too, mate. to make this happen we would have to sell upson and green, don`t we?