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RAPIDHAMMER: Transfer-Update - View From the Inside

Monday, 6 August 2007

Transfer-Update - View From the Inside

On "Just Like My Dreams Blog" I read this post which is quite interesting. He reports on one fan's account of a meeting yesterday during the AS Roma game with Deputy CEO Scott Duxbury (stv. West Ham-Geschäftsführer [Bild links]; der einzige, der aus der Vereinsführung der Vor-Magnusson-Ära noch im Klub ist):
"Today, I had the pleasure of attending the game in corporate hospitality. As I walked in I saw SD (Scott Duxbury) and asked him about a few things, this is what he said:
DYER: All the papers are right. He is desperate to join the club after agreeing terms and passing a medical. They thought the deal was done and now Ashley wants a further £2million. We won't be held to ransom and unless Ashley drops his request we'll go elsewhere. I asked him if he was worried that someone else would come in for him and he said that no-one else will match the salary we are offering.
GUDJOHNSEN: We are desperately trying to sign him. We are working very hard and he is hopeful we can pull this off.
SHOREY: When I asked him about this he smiled nervously; he said you'll have to see on this one. I reckon this is definitely happening from the way he reacted. [Update here!]
He also said that we are still in the market for a lot more players and that we a 'building a great side'.
He said that the Darren Bent transfer was the most frustrating one and they have learnt never to approach a player that has no interest in joining the club. [Darren Bent eventually signed for Tottenham.]
He also said that he hasn't had a weekend off in 4 months! He was a really good bloke and filled me with quite a lot of confidence."

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