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Friday, 21 September 2007

I am the eggman... - Oh I am the walrus, GOO GOO G’JOOB

Just found a reference to this photo on Just Like My Dreams Blog. The author wonders if this advert for airline Iceland Air that appeared in Saturday's matchday programme finally cost Eggert Magnusson his executive status at West Ham United.
Three days ago the Board of West Ham United announced that it had been decided that "in order to move to the next stage of the Club's development" a broader management team would be put in place to support the Club's owner Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson. Eggert Magnusson remained as a chairman of the Club, but he would "stand back a little" in a non-executive capacity.
Well, the poster is at least symptomatic of Magnusson's high profile status in and around West Ham United FC. An article in the Daily Mail quotes insiders as saying "Chairman Egg" was getting too much credit as the figurehead of a club in which he is only a five per cent shareholder, and suggests that such publicity could well have been annoying for the club's true majority owner Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson who recently said in an interview Eggert was just some kind of a "Coca-Cola sign" for the club.
Well, I hope that's just Daily Mail gossip and there wasn't a fall-out with Gudmundsson because a dispute between the previous frontman and the majority owner could also affect the performance of the squad. That would be the last thing we need this season which everyone wants to be at least "a solid one".


RapidHammer said...
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RapidHammer said...

Rooster wrote on his Weblog C'MON YU IRONS:
"Take a chill pill guys!!"
"When West Ham was 1st thought of as a club to purchase by Eggert, he put the proposition to Bjorg, who sent two teams out to investigate and finalise a deal, 1 of the teams was Vero Communications LTD which is owned by Mike Lee OBE.
The deal was finalised (95% Bjorg 5% Eggert), Eggert was given the temporary post as Chairman by Bjorg as part of the deal he made the investment on the club and further investments on players.
Eggert kept to his promise and gave 110% to WHUFC and put them where they are today. The post as chairman was never a permanent one.
Bjorg is bringing in Mike Lee OBE of Vero Communications Ltd who is an Advisor in the world of communications and sport (UEFA -Premier League - and Olympics 2012) and this is in turn will develop the club to its next stage (New Stadium - Better Academy - Olympic Training Facilities - Hotel - Casino - Conference Centre etc. Mike Lee was the communications force behind Egg and Bjorg buying West Ham. Eggert will now move to a job more in line with his professional talents.
So lets not worry too much guys, its called Evolution and leads on to bigger and better things."