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RAPIDHAMMER: The One And Only Academy Of Football

Thursday, 6 September 2007

The One And Only Academy Of Football

West Ham United have the only decent academy in England, that's the verdict of Patrick Vieira.
Patrick Vieira (31), the former Arsenal captain who is now with Inter Milan, said (according to Times Online): "There are not so many good young English players at many of the clubs and I really believe that the academies are not good enough for the young players between 12 and 15.
"Training for young players is important, but they [the academies] are not working properly to make young English players come through."
Vieira singled out West Ham United, FA official Trevor Brooking's former team, as the only club whose academy has produced genuine quality English players consistently.
"When you look at the four big clubs in England, you find there are very few English players in the team," Vieira said. "When you look at the English players from Chelsea, many of them have come from West Ham.
"They are doing a good job, they are the only club that I believe that has done a good job. What the other clubs should do is ask why all the players are coming from West Ham and not from other clubs."
Ruud Gullit, the former Chelsea player and manager, is even more scathing (in the same article): he says the academies are a waste of money because Premier League clubs only want to spend on star names."

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