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RAPIDHAMMER: Tévez: Even The Best Players Need Help

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Tévez: Even The Best Players Need Help

In an article in the Evening Standard Carlos Tévez again spoke about the reasons for leaving West Ham and joining Manchester United. The Argentine forward whose transfer to ManU was very controversial due to "third-party-ownership" has scored twice for ManU this season. He said:
"I am at Manchester United because of Sir Alex Ferguson. He has total confidence in me and he was key to my arrival here.
"I suffered an awful lot in order to leave West Ham but now I am very satisfied with what I did. It was painful and people talked about my reputation but it has been worth it.
"Ferguson is like a master to me, like a teacher. He is always giving me advice and helping my football get to the right level, the next level.
"That is so valuable because when I first came to England at West Ham there was nobody there to do that. Even the best players need help."

1 comment:

Rooster said...

OK Tevez needs to pull his own nose out of his own Ass.
but true, at West ham nobody friggin speaks spanish