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RAPIDHAMMER: Curbishley verteidigt fette Gehälter in der Premier League

Friday, 2 November 2007

Curbishley verteidigt fette Gehälter in der Premier League

According to an article by Daniel Barden West Ham-Manager Alan Curbishley has leaped to the defence of Premiership players who are picking up big wages.
The Hammers boss was talking on the back of remarks made by sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe this week.
Sutcliffe branded Chelsea captain John Terry's salary as "obscene", and added that the spiralling wage bill of Premiership clubs, coupled with increasing ticket prices, is contributing to the game moving "further away from the grassroots".
But Curbishley said: "Obviously he (Sutcliffe) is talking about one extreme but the Premier League footballer is in an ideal position at the moment and if they take rewards then so be it."
Curbishley admitted that the situation is perhaps a difficult one for normal people to get their head around, but he insisted the wage bills of the top Premiership clubs is justified, and pointed to the vast sums of cash being pumped into the game's top flight from television deals.
"If you consider the amount of money that's going into football it becomes relative in some respects," he said. "Before the Sky deal, the last television deal was something like £25 million for three years. If you're talking about £1.7 billion for three years now, surely it is relative.
"If you have that sort of money going into any work place then people in that working environment are going to be rewarded accordingly."

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