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RAPIDHAMMER: Viva Bobby Moore !

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Viva Bobby Moore !

Im Februar bei Englands 0:2-Niederlage gegen Spanien in Sevilla stellte David Beckham den Rekord von Bobby Moore (108 Spiele im englischen Nationalteam) ein, und wenn Becks bei einem der anstehenden England-Matches (Samstag ein "friendly" gegen die Slowakei und Mittwoch WM-Quali gegen Ukraine) zum Einsatz kommt, ist er der englische Feldspieler mit den meisten "caps". Nur Tormannlegende Peter Shilton liegt mit über 120 Spielen im "Three Lions"-Team derzeit uneinholbar voran.

Den folgenden Artikel David Beckham v Bobby Moore fand ich in einem englischen Blog. Er kommt zum Ergebnis, dass das Match Mooro v Becks mit einem 4:2-Sieg für West Hams und Englands "Number 6" endet.
Und ich meine, dass man den Punkt, den die No. [1]7 (Beckham) für "Lifestyle" bekam, nochmal diskutieren müsste! Dass Bobby Moore Stil hatte, ist wohl nicht zu bezweifeln - man kann ihn sogar als eine "Ikone der Sechziger" bezeichnen.
Für mich geht der Vergleich also noch deutlicher zugunsten von Mooro aus. Von dem ich nur hoffen kann, dass er kein Tattoo hatte!

>> That David Beckham equalled Bobby Moore’s record of 108 England caps (not including keepers) is a fine achievement by Becks, and one that inevitably promps the comparisons between Goldenballs and the late, great Moore.
Comparing players from different eras is pointless, but also fun. In terms of playing ability - all that matters really - the majority of England fans will always pick Moore over Beckham. Some say Becks isn’t fit to lace Moore’s boots, a harsh assessment of Dave’s talents.
The bald facts are these:
Moore was a world-class central defender who played in an era when there was less emphasis on pace and power than today. He lacked pace but his reading of the game was immaculate. Beckham has played at the highest level for more than a decade, but unlike Moore, at his peak he was not truly world-class; instead, one aspect of his game - dead-ball delivery - is world-class. Moore wins this contest.
Moore lifted a World Cup - Beckham will never do that. Indeed, Beckham often underperformed in major tournaments. Moore wins again.
Both men score highly here. Moore used to train on his days off (often to sweat out the booze from the night before, admittedly) and Beckham is frequently praised for his attitude in training. A tie.
Pele hailed Moore as the fairest defender he faced. Beckham is not a dirty player but he is prone to moments of petulance, as evidenced at the 1998 World Cup, when he was sent off against Argentina, for kicking out at Diego Simeone. Another win for Moore.
Moore never had the chance to become a global brand like Beckham, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to boost his profile and bank balance - Moore was modest but he liked to party and he had his own glamorous WAG, in the form of first wife Tina. Beckham wins - just ask his accountant.
We get the heroes we deserve, and both men are shining examples of the very different ages in which they excelled. But even if Beckham ends up winning a 109th cap, he’ll never equal the achievements of Moore or inspire as much affection. Bobby wins this one.
Sorry Dave. <<

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Moore the God of Mod! Recht hast du ;-)

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