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RAPIDHAMMER: Amtlich: Zola / Clarke gehen nicht zu Chelsea!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Amtlich: Zola / Clarke gehen nicht zu Chelsea!

Jetzt ist es sogar in einem gerichtlichen Protokoll festgehalten worden: Gianfranco Zola und sein Co-Trainer Steve Clarke bleiben bei West Ham United und wechseln nicht zum FC Chelsea, wie ein BBC-Reporter im Februar behauptet hatte.
Zola/Clarke hatten ein Gerichtsverfahren angestrengt, weil sie die Meldung, sie hätten an einem Interview für den Managerposten bei Chelsea 2009/10 teilgenommen, nicht auf sich sitzen lassen wollten. Die BBC muss nach einem von Justice Eady beim High Court protokollierten Vergleich, den die beiden offenbar befreundeten Anwälte der Streitteile ausgehandelt haben, einen nicht bekanntgegebenen Schadenersatzbetrag an das von Solicitor James Quartermaine vertretene West Ham-Duo bezahlen und folgende Entgegnung und Entschuldigung publizieren:

A statement concerning Gianfranco Zola and Steve Clarke
Claim No. SIOC/09/0435

Solicitor for Mr Zola and Mr Clarke:
My Lord, in this matter I appear for Gianfranco Zola and Steve Clarke, respectively the manager and first team coach of West Ham United Football Club, the London Premier League team. My friend [David Carrington] appears on behalf of the British Broadcasting Corporation. This libel complaint arises out of an interview broadcast on the BBC Radio 5 Live breakfast show on 13 February 2009, which featured a contribution by the sports journalist, Harry Harris, regarded by many as an expert on Chelsea Football Club where Mr Zola and Mr Clarke both enjoyed successful playing careers. During the interview, Mr Harris wrongly alleged that Mr Zola and Mr Clarke had attended an interview with the Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, the previous week with a view to becoming the management team at Chelsea for the 2009/2010 season. Mr Zola and Mr Clarke were (and remain) under contract to West Ham United and for them to have attended an interview of this type unauthorised by West Ham United would have constituted a breach of their contracts of employment and, in the case of Mr Zola, FA Premier League rules.
The broadcast of this unfounded allegation caused Mr Zola and Mr Clarke acute distress and anxiety as it was understandably feared that it would damage their relationship with their employers and with the players and fans of West Ham United.
I am pleased to inform your Lordship that the BBC has accepted that this allegation is without foundation. The BBC has made it clear that it does not endorse Mr Harris' comments and regrets any distress caused.
I am glad to say that the BBC is here today to apologise to Mr Zola and Mr Clarke for broadcasting the allegation. In addition, in order to compensate them for any harm done to their reputation, it has agreed to pay them damages and their legal costs.
BBC Solicitor: My Lord, on behalf of the BBC, I accept everything my friend has said. The BBC does not endorse Mr Harris' comments and would like to apologise to Mr Zola and Mr Clarke for any distress caused.
Solicitor for Mr Zola and Mr Clarke: In those circumstances, Mr Zola and Mr Clarke feel that they have been vindicated and accordingly are content to let the matter rest. My Lord, it only remains for me to ask leave that the record be withdrawn.

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